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Garage Conversions in Nottingham

A garage conversion is a modern way to make use of the space available to you on your property. Whether it’s stacked full of boxes or is sapping the heat from your home, it’s never been easier to convert your garage into a living space with our professional services here at Bosaco. We provide garage conversions in Nottingham no matter how large or small the space may be.

We’re local, experienced builders and tradesmen for the region, helping you to maximise your available space in any way possible. We pay full attention to the details, handling your garage conversion from start to finish in a professional manner to achieve high standards. Whether you need water and electrics installed as part of the conversion or something more simple, we’re the specialists who can make your dream space come to life.

From an initial consultation, we’ll discuss your plans for the space and survey your garage to help provide real advice and guidance on what can be achieved in terms of property conversions. We factor in walls, floors, windows, foundations and insulation, as well as any practical and technical aspects of the design you want to achieve. We’ll then deliver your garage conversion on time and on budget.

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The Benefits of Garage Conversions

Why convert a garage into a living space? Well, there are so many reasons, but aside from adding value to your property, you also benefit in a very practical way. With modern cars rarely fitting into garages these days, most people fill their garage with unwanted junk or leave it sitting unused. 

Once converted, that space becomes a presentable, functional space with plenty of applications depending on your needs. Here are just a few of the common ways people use their garage conversion to improve their lives:

  • Personal gym – Create your own workout space at home with robust flooring and your favoured machines. Never wait around for the right weights or machine again.
  • Home office – Working from home but need somewhere quiet and removed from the rest of the home? Your garage conversion could be the ideal space to boost productivity without having to commute to the office.
  • Workshop – If you’ve got a passion for any type of craft, be it carpentry, floristry, painting or even building computers, turn your garage into a proper workshop where you can control conditions like any other room in the home instead of battling draughts and debris.
  • Playroom – Children like to spread their toys around, so why not give them their own dedicated space in which to do it? This then declutters the rest of the home for you to enjoy.

As specialists in all aspects of building and construction works, there’s no one better to carry out your garage conversion in Nottingham than the team here at Bosaco. Our experience in meeting all planning permission and building regulation requirements for garage conversions lets you know you know you’re in safe hands with us. – Simply contact us today to get your project off the ground.

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