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Do I Need Planning Permission for a Garage?

November 23, 2021 10:33 pm Published by

Have you always dreamed of owning your own garage? This month at Bosaco, we’re going to talk you through whether you need planning permission for a garage or not and the different scenarios you might be faced with.

Garages are excellent for so many reasons – from the extra room to store all your tools, garden furniture, bikes and even appliances – such as the noisy washing machine – to the ability to park your car indoors, keeping it safe and protecting it from the elements. There are a multitude of options when you have a garage, but if you don’t already have one then you’re probably thinking about how nice it would be to get one – and asking yourself the tricky question: do I need planning permission for a garage? 

Well, let’s break it down into the two types, garages that are attached to your home and garages that are freestanding outbuildings.

Do I need planning permission for a garage attached to my house?

Where you plan to have a garage built and attached to your house (usually involving an internal door that links to the inside of the house), what you’re essentially thinking of is an extension. And, as we’ve discussed in a previous piece on extensions, this means you may be able to build your garage under the permitted development rights as long as it meets certain criteria. Those rules include:

  • Your garage cannot be any greater in height than four metres
  • Your garage cannot cover more than half of the area of land surrounding the house
  • Your garage cannot be forward of the principal elevation of the property, or the side elevation that fronts onto a highway
  • Your garage must use materials for the exterior finish that are in keeping with the existing property
  • The width of your garage must not exceed more than half the width of the original house
  • Your garage must not be any taller than the highest part of the roof of your house
  • Your garage must not extend beyond the rear wall of the house by more than eight metres for a detached house or six metres for any other type of house
  • Where your garage is within two metres of a boundary, the eaves height must not be more than three metres

So while you might be able to get a garage built that attaches to your home quite easily, you can also see that there are a number of considerations when it comes to the land you have and your boundaries.

Do I need planning permission for a freestanding garage?

Not looking to attach the garage to your home? Well, it’s still good news, as freestanding garages are also considered to be permitted developments. However, there are still rules in this situation that may make things tricky for some homeowners, such as not being able to use more than half the land around the property (an issue if you have a small plot of land) and not being permitted to build higher than four metres. 

It’s essentially much the same as the rules mentioned above for extensions – the difference being that this is classed as an outbuilding and not an extension – but it’s always worth checking and engaging professional services to make sure you’re operating legally before doing any building work.

And what if you already have a garage but you’re not making the most of it? Let’s deal with that scenario next.

Do I need planning permission for a garage conversion?

A garage conversion is a slightly different story. Usually, people want to convert their existing garage when it’s attached to the main house so that they can better use that space. These days, modern cars rarely fit into standard size garages so it’s more useful to convert the space into something that really adds value instead of being dead space.

This is a slightly easier situation as you’re not actually trying to build anything new, you’re just converting an internal space that you already have. Whether you’re looking to create a new living space or a home gym, as long as you aren’t enlarging the size of the property, you shouldn’t need planning permission. This is because this type of internal work falls under permitted development rights for garages – you simply need to ensure you’re using similar building materials if you’re bricking up the garage door.

However, things are a little different for garage conversions if you’re in a flat, maisonette, listed building or part of a conservation area. These are the kind of situations where homes are subject to different rules and may need planning permission since permitted development rights don’t apply.

Choose a Reliable Construction Company 

Are you planning to make more of your current garage space with a conversion? Or are you thinking about adding a garage to your property? Whatever your plans, make sure you enlist the professional services of experienced builders in Nottingham. At Bosaco, we have all the industry knowledge when it comes to garages and we can help you navigate any planning permission requirements. We deliver all our building services and work, from roofing to conversions and full property refurbishments, to the very highest standards to ensure you get the best for your property, adding value and making things as simple as possible.

Contact us today to find out more about the different types of garage developments and the plans you have for yours in Nottingham – our team is always happy to help.

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