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Do I Need Planning Permission for a Shed?

November 23, 2021 10:39 pm Published by

Adding a shed to your garden is not something you’d usually give too much thought to in respect to planning regulations. However, as with any structure you plan to put up, even on your own land, it’s worth checking to see if there is any type of planning permission you need to apply for.

This month at Bosaco, we’re going to be looking at the type of shed structures people like to erect in their back garden, while answering a common question surrounding whether you need planning permission for a shed and the permitted development rights for homeowners.

What types of sheds are available?

These days, if you’re imagining a simple wooden shack when you say shed, then you might be surprised to know there are other types of structures that fall into this category. Aside from the common garden shed, usually made from wood with a pitched roof, there are the following:

  • Summer Houses – These are like sheds but are a lot sturdier and come with big windows to let lots of sunlight in, a perfect place to relax in the garden
  • Garden Office – With more people working from home these days, having a separate office space is a great idea – that’s why garden office units are being built more than ever
  • Log Cabin – Taking the idea of a shed to the next level, providing a small but comfortable space to relax or carry out hobbies such as painting and writing
  • Bike Shed – A very simple structure designed to keep bicycles secure and out of the elements.

Whatever type of shed you have in mind for your garden, there will be one burning question:

Do I need planning permission for my shed?

The quick answer is: probably not. Sheds are often so small and are tucked away in the garden, meaning they fall within the permitted development category. That’s why you’ll see most properties that have a big enough garden will have a shed. They’re readily available and make for handy storage space for all your garden tools and equipment.

Permitted development rights have been around since 2008, making it easier to do certain things that don’t impact your neighbours in any way. Let’s explore these in more detail next.

Permitted development rights for sheds

While we’re pretty certain most sheds don’t need planning permission, it’s worth noting that permitted development rights don’t just mean you can do anything. There are still rules when it comes to your garden and putting up a shed, so make sure you’re clear about the following when you’re considering a shed:

  • Make sure that the shed doesn’t cover more than half of the land surrounding your home (usually the garden).
  • Make sure your shed doesn’t sit forward of a wall that makes up the front of your home – or the side of your home if facing a highway
  • Make sure your shed is only a single storey
  • Make sure the height of your shed is no more than four metres with a pitched roof or 2.5 metres for a flat roof
  • Make sure that, if your shed will sit within two metres of the property boundary, it isn’t taller than 2.5 metres
  • Make sure your shed does not include a veranda or balcony
  • Make sure the shed is only for residential purposes, not commercial
  • Make sure the shed does not contain any accommodation (sleeping) facilities

These are pretty standard rules to follow and, as we’ve pointed out, most sheds will pass this just fine. But let’s explore some of the finer details as to why a shed might need planning permission.

What are the reasons my shed might need planning permission?

As we alluded to in the permitted development rights, if you’re planning on turning your shed into any kind of accommodation with a bed, bathroom features or kitchen features then you will need to seek planning permission. Sheds are usually meant for storage only, which is why those elements will mean you have to do a little more legwork.

You may also need to do more research into permissions if your home falls into any of the following categories:

  • Your home is a listed building
  • Your home is on designated land (conservation/heritage site)
  • Your home backs onto woodland where you want to erect your shed

Choose a Reliable Construction Company 

When you’re putting up a shed, it’s always worth noting that you need a solid base on which to put it. Whether you’re planning for a simple storage shed or you want a more sturdy home office structure to work out of, look no further than Bosaco. We help customers across Nottingham with all their building service requirements, from groundworks to brickwork and roofing to property refurbishments. We use all our years of industry expertise to ensure you’re left with the highest quality of structures built exactly to your designs. We’ll even help you navigate planning permissions if you’re uncertain about what you’re allowed to do.

Find out more about our range of services for home offices, sheds, summerhouses and landscaping in Nottingham – simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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