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Do I Need Planning Permission for a Porch?

December 24, 2021 4:34 pm Published by

Many homes have a front door that leads straight into the living room or a very small internal space at the foot of some stairs. For this type of property, a front porch is an ideal way to create a space where you can get your shoes off without standing in the rain and without letting a blast of cold air into the main living space.

With this in mind – and indeed for anyone else who might be considering a porch as an aesthetic improvement to their home – we’ve put together a guide, answering the question: do I need planning permission for a porch?

Planning Permission for Porches

First, let’s clarify what we mean when we say ‘porch’ – because we’re not talking about the long, veranda-like porches you see in American television shows. 

A porch is a small sheltered area attached to the exterior of a building, over a doorway. They’re usually constructed with two solid side walls and a door (separate from your existing front door) and sometimes complemented with additional windows.

Whether you’re seeking to create a bit more shelter before entering the home or just like the idea of adding a porch to create more character for your home, you’re unlikely to need planning permission. This is because a porch can fall within your permitted development rights, as long as it meets a number of rules:

  • Your porch does not exceed more than three square metres of land (externally)
  • Your porch is no taller than three metres from your existing ground level
  • Your porch does not come within two metres of a highway of the front boundary of your property
  • Your porch must not affect access to those who require it – essentially, if there is a ramp or level access in place for disabled people, you must not alter this ability to access the property

And just so you know, things such as windows and electrics that might want to have as part of your porch will still be subject to building regulations.

These rules are generally suitable for most homes, but it’s always worth checking that you’re able to work within the permitted development rights before starting any work. Listed buildings are usually much more strict, as are those on designated land such as conservation areas and national parks. In addition, an article 4 direction may be in place in your area which could affect your permitted development rights.

Planning permission rules and costs also differ depending on where you are in England, Scotland and Wales, so be sure to check with your local authority or consult a professional construction company.

Porches for Flats and Maisonettes

Unfortunately, the above rules are only in relation to houses; if you have a flat or maisonette and you want to add a porch, you may not have the same permitted development rights. These building types may not be suitable for a porch or there might simply be other considerations to factor in. 

Please consult your local authority or a professional, reputable building and construction company if you need more assistance with adding a porch to a property that is not a traditional house. 

A Quick Note on Doors

Few people will actually want to get rid of their existing front door, instead choosing to have two doors to create the porch entrance and reduce heat loss when opening the front door. However, it’s worth pointing out that, in order to stay within the permitted development rights, you need to retain the original front entrance door (you can change the style of the door itself, but you can’t move the doorway or block it off to create a different entrance).

It’s a good idea to have your doors in keeping with the style of the property or with those in the neighbourhood – any outlandish or unusual door styles might move you into the kind of territory that requires planning permission. Not to mention that it could raise eyebrows amongst your neighbours.

Choose a Reliable Construction Company

Avoid muddy shoes and wet coats making a mess of your living room and give your home a more welcoming feel with a porch entrance.

Whether you want a simple brick porch or a more elegant design using modern glass architecture, look no further than Bosaco. We provide a wide range of building services, including property refurbishment and roofing, for homeowners throughout Nottingham and are experienced builders. Helping you navigate tricky planning permission requirements, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the best results for your property without landing in any legal trouble.

Contact us today and talk to us about your plans to add a porch to your home. No matter what style of property you have in Nottingham, we’re always on hand to bring your vision to life.

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