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Fascias & Soffits in Nottingham

Fascias and soffits are designed to be both practical and stylish. On the one hand, they protect your home from the elements and keep any animals out who may wish to roost in your roof. On the other hand, they proved a clean and tidy finish for your home, giving you a pleasing aesthetic when you look up at your roof.

Over time, no matter what materials your fascias and soffits are made of, there is bound to be a degree of natural deterioration. Any damage to your soffit or fascias can eventually lead to further issues with your roofing, rafters and the ventilation of your property. That’s why at Bosaco we offer repairs and maintenance to keep your fascias and soffits looking their best.

We also provide the installation of brand new fascias and soffits if you’re building a new property or you simply want to completely replace all the old materials on your home. This ensures that your home is ready for anything that the British weather can throw at it, protecting your walls and roofing thereby preventing any serious structural issues. Your home will also be allowed to breathe, a vital process that sees your home expel moisture through dedicated ventilation points. 

When replacing old fascias and soffits, we remove the damaged or old materials, dressing and fixing any areas that need attention before installing new boards in line with building regulations. We then inspect the finished task and tidy up after ourselves before checking that you’re happy with the work carried out.

The Benefits of Fascias & Soffits

We’ve been working with fascias and soffits for many years and find that UPVC is the preferred material over wood because of its long-lasting properties, its ability to immediately improve the appearance of your home and because it is much easier to maintain and clean. That means less work for you and less worry as well – something worth investing in.

As well as the above benefits, having brand new fascias and soffits can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home, something that will play a part in keeping your bills down. Above all, it’s important that your home can stand up to the winter weather conditions while still allowing ventilation for your attic space. 

For those who have just moved in and want to make improvements to those looking to tidy things up in order to sell, fascias and soffits are a key part of the look for any home.

Whether you want to replace or repair old soffits and fascias, look no further than the Bosaco team in Nottingham for a high standard of finish for your home that can be relied upon for years to come. Using quality materials and all our years of experience as building and roofing experts, we ensure you’re left with a finish you can be proud of – regardless of whether you have a period property or a new build home.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote or to book an appointment with us regarding your fascias and soffits anywhere in Nottingham. We’re always happy to help as specialists for the region.

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