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Do I Need Planning Permission To Change Roof Tiles?

December 8, 2022 11:55 am Published by

Your home is a robust and sturdy construction, but over the years it will undoubtedly take a battering from the UK weather. From rain and hail to high winds and icy temperatures, it all takes its toll on your property and there is no part of it more important to maintain than the roof. Eventually, you will need to change roof tiles if they have become damaged or fallen off of your roof.

That’s why, this month at Bosaco, we’re going to take a look at this issue of changing roof tiles, helping you to understand whether you need planning permission in order to carry out the work, the types of roofing materials available and what the other reasons are that you might have for making the change to the roof of your home.

What are the different types of roof tiles?

Within your own area or region, you’ve probably noticed a pattern in the type of roof tiles used. Certain materials are more prevalent than others, so you might not be aware of the full range of materials available to you. 

Over the decades, and indeed across this century and the last, there have been many shifts in taste. However, because roof tiles can last quite a long time, and because people like to keep the same aesthetic for their area (something we’ll touch on later), there are still a lot of different roof tile varieties to be found, including:

  • Natural slate
  • Man-made slate
  • Concrete tiles
  • Clay tiles
  • Metal tiles

In addition to this, although far less common, thatched roofs can still be found on older properties, often cottages or listed buildings.

Do I need planning permission to change roof tiles?

Can I change my roof tiles without planning permission? That’s the question everyone has, and it’s a valid one since you need to be careful with changes made to your home. Planning permission, however, isn’t often required if you’re replacing tiles that have fallen off your roof or broken, as long as you’re replacing them like-for-like. That means keeping the same colour and style.

When you want to change all your roof tiles, be it for another material or to change the colour of your roof, then things can get trickier. Planning permission isn’t necessarily required at all for this unless you have a listed building or live in a conservation area, thanks to the fact that it falls within your permitted development rights, but building regulations will likely apply. You might also want to consider how your home will look alongside your neighbours’, as this could cause concern if your tiles are no longer in keeping with the area – especially if you choose a more outlandish material than the ones we’ve already mentioned previously.

Building regulations approval might be necessary if you’re making major changes to your roof and the materials being used, so we always recommend that you check this before carrying out any changes to your roof tiles. 

Reasons to change your roof tiles

We’ve already touched on the most common reason for changing your roof tiles: damage. Whether it’s thanks to a storm or just constant weathering over an extended period, sometimes your hand is forced in order for you to maintain your roof. This also extends to people purchasing a new property and finding that the roof hasn’t been looked after, resulting in them seeking to change the roof tiles in order to freshen things up.

The other reason we find people want to change their roof tiles is that they don’t like the colour or the look of the material anymore. This applies to people who have lived in their property for decades and feel the urge for a change, as well as for homes newly purchased. Fresh tiles can reinvigorate your roof, making it look brand new and showing that you care for your property. This is something many prospective buyers will look at from the outside upon viewing your property if you put it up for sale.

Choose a reliable roof-tiling company

When you want to change your roof tiles in Nottingham, let our experienced team here at Bosaco take on the work for you. We have the expertise and skill when it comes to both roofing construction, as well as the important health and safety knowledge required for working at heights. With all the right tools and your chosen material, we can replace a few tiles or carry out a full removal and replacement of your existing tiles.

Simply contact our team today to discuss any roofing issues you may have or to change your roof tiles and we’ll be happy to help – we can even recommend the most suitable tile replacement if you’re unsure what you need.


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