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The Different Types of Brick Pointing

February 6, 2023 9:09 pm Published by

Getting the main brickwork in place for any structure is the bulk of the work, but it doesn’t stop there. Well-constructed brickwork also relies on quality pointing, both as a finishing touch, but also as a practical addition. Because it makes up a large proportion of the surface area of your brickwork, it’s important to pay attention to pointing and repointing.

In this article, we want to take you through what brick pointing is, as well as the many varied techniques that are used to produce a variety of benefits.

What is brick pointing?

You may not have given much thought to your brick pointing in the past, so let’s kick things off by detailing exactly what it is. Brick pointing is the additional mortar placed in the gap between each of your bricks, also known as the finish or the joint. It often simply looks like the bonding between the bricks has neatly arranged itself in a smooth and uniform fashion, but actually takes a bit of attention to get this detail right.

Not only does the brick pointing give your structure a tidy finish, but it also offers a number of other benefits. From helping protect more of the surface of the brickwork itself to preventing leaks and the ingress of water, the choice of pointing or repointing technique can have a bigger impact on your property than you may have first thought.

Take a look at these different types of brick pointing techniques:

Flushed joint brick pointing

In this instance, it’s a very simple and popular pointing style, where mortar is pressed between the bricks and made flush with the edges of the bricks using a tool or spatula for a compact and smooth finish. While not the most attractive finish, it does provide good protection by removing any space for dust and water to enter the gaps.

Bucket handle / keyed brick pointing

Known as the bucket handle style because of its curvature, this pointing creates a groove indent in the mortar. It is created using a keying tool or the curved end of a small tool. This is another common technique and offers a better-looking finish when applied to both vertical and horizontal lines.

Weathered brick pointing

Weathered brick pointing is created with a small projection of mortar out from the brickface in a v-shape. This helps any water to drain directly off the mortar, further protecting the brickwork. 

Weather-struck and cut brick pointing

Weather-struck and cut brick pointing uses an incline angle inwards in the mortar, with a slight projection outward at the bottom. This means the water can drain away off the face of the brickwork, but it can create a shadow line along the horizontal of the brickwork pointing for a nice effect.

Recessed pointing

For straight and aesthetically pleasing pointing, recessed pointing may be used where the mortar is fully recessed by about 5mm inwards. The pointing is vertical and flat, achieved with an appropriate tool, and helps to compact the pointing to resist water ingress.

Beaded brick pointing

Beaded pointing is the effect of adding mortar to the gap so that it is curved out in a beaded shape (think of this as the opposite of the bucket handle technique). It offers a beautiful finish for the brickwork but, because it protrudes from the face, it is easier to damage than with other techniques.

V brick pointing

This finish creates a V shape indent into the pointing between the bricks. Considered to be a style of weathered pointing, you can get specifically shaped tools to achieve this look.

Raked brick pointing

Similar to the recessed pointing technique, the raked technique presses the mortar back, but only roughly 2mm. It offers another tidy finish with a slight shadow effect to accentuate the brickwork.

Convex brick pointing

Finally, the convex pointing technique takes a little more patience and skill to achieve. With plenty of mortar between the brickwork, it should protrude outwards so that excess can be brushed away for a bulky and more textured finish.

Choose a reliable, local construction company

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